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The dark tower is science fiction movie depicting a boy who has visions in his dreams about a tall tower at the center of the universe .It protects earth from the dark side of the life which stays outside the universe . If this dark tower falls, the evil , the dark will enter the earth and predominate its natives. The Gunslingers protects the tower from falling. The Man in Black is a sorcerer who has managed to kill all the Gunslingers except Roland Deschain . Roland is the only Gunslinger on whom his magic doesn’t work.
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Star War the force awakens is a movie with extra terrestrial experiences. In this movie the two prominent forces the Dark side and the Light side are shown. The First Order , the head of the Dark side wants to eliminate the last survivor of the Jedi , the Light side and is in search of the map that will lead to him. The Resistance , backed by the Republic are too in the search of the map that will lead them to the last Jedi survivor so that can reach him for his aid . This movie just transports us to a different world – the extra terrestrial world as we might have imagined in our fantasies
Genre: Science fiction
Language: English
Running Time: 135 minutes
Directed by : J.J.Abrams
Produced by: Kathleen Kennedy , J.J.Abrams , Bryan Burk
Release Date: December 2015
Frightening/intense scenes: Yes
Alcohol/drugs/smoke: None
Profanity: 0/5
Violence: Yes , Wars Scenes are there
Adult Intimacy: None
Ratings on Science Fiction: 4/5
Ratings on Family Values: 4/5
Suitability for age groups:
5-12 years: Yes
12-16 years: Yes
16-20 years: Yes
Above 20 years: Yes
Can watch with family: Yes


Interstellar is a movie with two levels of understanding.

From children’s level of understanding it is a science fiction movie in which children can experience what they have learnt about outer space in their text books . Children can experience various scientific phenomenon like how it is like to move into a black hole which has a very high gravitational pull. This movie has the potential to arouse curiosity and interest of children in the field of science.

From the mature level of understanding movie is much more than a science fiction. It talks about time , space and other dimensions of existence . People who are into spirituality already know and might have experienced the other dimensions of existence. Science is trying very hard to prove those dimensions and may be very close at proving the other dimensions of existence. In our world we know only of three dimensional space till now but, lot of research is going on to find out and prove other dimensions of the space. Here, we get to feel the other dimensions of space which will very soon be a reality. It is a thought stimulating movie leaving us with thoughts like can love be considered as the another dimension which crosses the barriers of space and time.

Note : The movie was worked out closely with theoretical physicist Dr Kip Thorne who has authored the book “The Science of Interstellar”.

Directed by : Christopher Nolan
Produced by: Emma Thomas,Christopher Nolan,Lynda Obst
• Children can learn about various scientific phenomenon which they may read in text form.

Violence: None
Can watch with family: Yes Intimacy scenes: None
Objectionable scenes: None
Suitable for age groups: All age groups
Family Values: *****
Language: English
Ratings on learning part: ****
Ratings :
***** Excellent
**** Good
*** Average
** Ok-OK

Mr. Peabody and Sherman – Movie Review

It is a 3D animation science fiction movie. It is a heart rendering story of a very cultured dog Mr. Peabody adopting a boy named Sherman just the reverse of what we see in our real lives.

It is a fable in which the dog is shown to be a genius and behaving like a really serious guy. This dog keeps on waiting for someone to adopt him so that he finds a home for himself. But, due to his serious nature children who come for adoption of dogs somehow reject him. Being left without a home and being an intelligent person he chooses the path of pursuing serious studies. He acquires various degrees and honors and builds a name and home for himself. One day he finds a baby boy abandoned outside his home and legally adopts the boy. He names the boy as Sherman. It is wonderful story of a really committed father Mr.Peabody taking care of his adopted son Sherman and their journey together in the time machine, created by intelligent Mr.Peabody, into the various important historic events like the Trogen war etc.

Note : This movie is based on “Peabody’s Improbable History” by Ted Key

Directed By: Rob Minkoff
Produced by: Alex Schwartz and Denise Nolan Cascino


  • Through this movie children can revisit important historic events like Trogen war episode,Mona Lisa with the famous painter Leonardo da Vinci, the French revolution ,The renaissance movement.
  • Motivates one to pursue something in the field of science.

Violence: Negligible
Can watch with family: Yes
Intimacy scenes: None
Objectionable scenes: None
Suitable for age groups: All age groups
Family Values: *****
Language: English
Ratings on motivational part: ****
Ratings :
***** Excellent
**** Good
*** Average
** Ok-Ok

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