What kind of food a sports person should be eating?

Proper nutrition plays a very important role for a sports person. Good nutrition affects the performance of a sports person.
The diet of a sports person should include carbohydrates, proteins and fats. The sports persons who do more strenuous exercise are required to increase the intake of carbohydrates. Fats should form the least portion of the food.

sports nutrition

Food intake before the event/exercise:
• Ideally , taking a diet rich in carbohydrates three to four hours before the event/exercise is good. But, due to time constraints it may most of the times not be possible to take carbohydrate rich diet 3-4 hour earlier. So, the time may be reduced to 2 hours and intake should be such that it gets digested by the time the event/exercise starts.

• Fats and proteins should be avoided immediately before the event as they may produce discomfort in the stomach.

• Proper hydration should be maintained before the event.

Food intake during the event/exercise:
• During the event a little bit of carbohydrate rich diet is required to delay the fatigue.
• Proper hydration needs to be maintained for prolonged exercise sessions.

Food intake after the event/exercise: 

Carbohydrates and proper hydration are required for some time after the exercise till normal eating meal pattern resumes.
• After that intake of proteins is needed for repair and recovery of the body.

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