Inner Science Series – Part 3


My Take on Vipassana after attending 10 Day residential course in Vipassana.

Vipassana is a form of meditation that trains one to travel inwards past one’s body. The basic principle on which it works is Law of Nature.  According to it, the Dharma is nothing but, following Law of Nature. It prevails everywhere and is same for all human beings irrespective of their cast, creed or position. What we reap is the product of what we sow? Nothing can be done outside without generating it inside . All positivity or negativity is first generated inside and only then transmitted outside. If we generate negative emotions such as anger, fear, hatred, jealousy etc , the first ones to burn in this fire are we ourselves. This is the Nature’s way to punish us. Nature’s punishment will not be visible as most of us think. It is subtle but, prevailing. If we sow the seed of a mango tree we cannot expect an apple fruit to come on that tree. Same ways, if sow love and happiness, we reap love and happiness and if sow hatred and negativity we reap that only.

Second take from Vipassana meditation was that, even if our conscious mind knows what is right and what is wrong many times our subconscious mind doesn’t listen to it. It works on certain other parameters. We know that we should not get angry, but we do at times get angry and are unable to control our emotions. Vipasana teaches us to reach our subconscious mind and train the subconscious mind.

Vipassana teaches us the way of self liberation through self observation. It trains us to observe the subtle sensations generated in our body whenever emotions are generated  . If become aware of what kind of sensations we are creating inside our body and how the reactions are taking place inside our body then, we will be able to control them. Knowing everything at conscious level is knowledge and this knowledge needs to be converted into experience.

In chemistry, we read about so many reactions and when we conduct practicals only then we can see for real what is happening. Likewise Vipasana is considered as the practicals conducted by ourselves on our body to see what is happening inside our body. Nobody outside has the power or control of what is happening inside our body. We ourselves are responsible for everything happening to us.


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