Duality of Existence

On a casual discussion between two friends one of the friends seems to be sensitive to or emotional to a particular situation while the other friend seems to find the same situation to be a trivial one. Let us consider the situation here is about the remarks made by their colleagues about them.The remarks were of similar nature. The one who was sensitive to them felt the pain while the other friend seemed to be least effected, as those remarks seemed to be trivial in nature to her.

On pondering, it is realized that both the situations – pro and contrary are coexisting at all the times. It depends upon a person what he wants to see , what he is sensitive to or may be the situation he is unable to handle. So everything is personal and depends upon oneself. All situations are existent and non-existent at the same time. There is duality in their existence. The part that is visible to one person is, may be the part he is sensitive to.

Going one step further from here, we can infer that there is a possibility that a person can make all the situations he finds difficult to handle or tolerate unimportant and non- existent for himself.


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