Dhanak – Movie Review

Story Line:
Dhanak is movie about two siblings and their journey towards their goal. Pari is shown to be a very caring and understanding sister . Chotu is blind not by birth but, has lost his eye sight at a tender age of four due to some reasons. Pari takes care of Chotu and is always there for him through thick and thin of Life. She has made a promise to his brother that before he attains the age of nine she will get back his eye sight. Being poor they can not afford his treatment. One day while on a family outing she chances upon a poster that says, “We can get back you your eyesight”, along with the picture of brand ambassador actor Sharukh Khan. Pari takes off that poster from the wall and from here starts her journey of getting back the eye sight for his brother. Their journey has various twists and turns and finally they both reach together to their destination Jaisalmer where the shooting of Sharukhkhan is going on. Chotu’s treatment is sponsored by the actor and he gets back his eye sight.
Extra Bytes: Movie seems to be based on Alchemist
• Stop not till the goal is reached
• Everything that is dreamt with open eyes is possible

Genre: Motivation ,Entertainment
Language: Hindi
Ratings: U
Running Time: 106 minutes
Directed By : Nagesh Kukunoor
Produced By: Manish Mundra ,Nagesh Kukunoor,Elahe Hiptoola
Cast: Hetal Gadda , Krrish Chhabria , Vipin Sharma , Gulfam Khan ,Vibha Chibber ,Vijay Maurya

Release Date: 17 June , 2016
Frightening/intense scenes: Nil
Alcohol/drugs/smoke: Nil
Profanity: 1/5
Violence: Nil
Adult Intimacy: Nil
Ratings on Motivation part: 5/5
Ratings on Family Value: 3/5
Suitability for age groups:
5-12 years: Yes.
12-16 years: Yes.
Above 20 years: Yes
Can watch with family: Yes