Class 8

Help on how to work with the worksheets:
1. Choose the worksheet you need to practice.It is better to go by order as with each worksheet complexity of questions increases.
2. Press the button Start quiz
3. In case of multiple choice question after solving the questions click on the check box with the correct answer.
In case of fill in the blanks sort of questions click on the check box and then type your answer.
4. After clicking on the check box (in case of multiple questions) or writing your answer (in case of fill in blank questions) , click on the check button at the bottom to check your answer.
5. After checking your answer click on the next button to go to next question.
6. Repeat the above process until you reach the end of the quiz.
7.Press the Finish quiz button.
8. On pressing the finish quiz button , you can check your results with the score as well as time taken by you to answer the questions. You can view all your answers using View Questions button.
9. You can restart the quiz using Restart quiz button



Worksheet 1
Worksheet 2


Worksheet 1

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