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Recent outbreak of COVID-19 – How to keep our kids engaged

A lot has been heard and said about the COVID-19 pandemic. WHO official website and other health departments official websites are constantly issuing advisories on social distancing and stay at home. We can plan a good family time with our kids and utilize this time for family bonding. Earlier many stay at home moms when gadgets were less of a distraction used to involve the kids in household activities. This used to be a two way tool. One side, that was visible and obvious was sharing of extra work that comes when everybody at home. The other part that was more deeper than this was family bonding. Working together on tasks offers us to spend quality time together as a family. Take a scenario wherein we are cooking , we can engage our kids in simple tasks such as washing and peeling veggies. If they are a bit older we can engage them in grating and cutting and make them stand by while we are cooking. We can cook our childrens’ favorite menu , which obviously serves as a motivation for them to get involved. This way we can devise small family events and engagements during this time of social distancing. Lets stay positive amid so much scare.
Stay healthy!!! Stay positive!!!


Importance of Oneself:

Each one of us lives his life in myth , believing that he is very important to the organization to which he belongs. Organization can be an office, a home etc. The best way to see importance of oneself is to move away from the organization for sometime and see how many days or sometimes months it takes to refill your presence. The faster you are replaced the better judgement you can have of your worth.
Nothing is permanent in Life. Neither your position nor your being. Everything is ever changing. Leading a wishful Life , thinking I will do this so that I will be in good books of this person or that person is putting yourself into bondage. This bondage leads to unrealistic expectations. Unrealistic expectations always lead to misery.
Whatever one does should be done for the love it and not with the expectation that if I will do this I will be in the good books of somebody or my worth in an organization will increase. Both being in the good books of somebody or increasing of self worth of a person in an organization is temporary. Temporary things remain for sometime and vanish as the situation changes. Being attached to false image of self worth leads to pain and misery. Let us liberate ourselves from the shackles of bondage and lead a truly blissful Life.


Inner Science Series – Part 2

Spirituality and Religion are two different streams.

Spirituality leads us to liberation while Religion leads us to bondage.

Religion is a closed ecosystem with certain set of rituals and belief systems to be followed.Spirituality is an open space allowing one the freedom to grow in ones own way. Spiritual growth leads to liberation of soul . As we grow in spirituality we feel light within ourselves.

Spirituality mitigates craving for things. Detachment is the by product of spirituality and not its focus.
Finally ,Spirituality leads to Enlightenment of Soul or Moksha .


Economically turbulent period in theWorld Economy and its effect on Families :

As an educator, I come in touch with children from various backgrounds . It is heart rendering to see how the economically turbulent times in the World and the National economy are affecting the families in India.

In the present century, most of the families in India are nuclear families. These families work as small independent units in their own way , lacking any support from extended families . Being independent a lot of responsibility comes on one’s shoulder. In the Indian family structure, mostly the fathers are the breadwinners and the mothers sit back voluntarily or take a break from their careers to take care of their kids and the family.
With the present turbulent period in the world and the national economy , it has become very difficult for the sole bread winner to secure his job. With the present economically tough conditions , companies are under stress of maintaining their profit margins and are not able to support the employees . We are constantly hearing of mass layoffs by private sector companies. These companies themselves have stressed balance sheets and are unable to bear the employee costs. But, what happens to either the people who are still working or those who have been laid off? The people who are still working, work under extremely stressful conditions. This stress comes from the insecurity of their jobs. They work under unnatural conditions, work overtime or work odd hours to secure their jobs. Those who are out of job are too under the pressure of running their families and maintaining their status quo. In both the cases , these breadwinners are under huge stress. A lot of unhealthy feelings such as anger, fear etc , enter inside these people. Whichever side these breadwinners are , stress is carried down to their families . The first people to bear with all these unhealthy emotions are their partners and their children. Constant arguments crop up at home with playing the blame game . The silent sufferers are the children who are caught in the crossfire that occurs off and on between their parents. Now a days , I see a lot of children becoming depressed and suicidal with all the disturbance going on at home.
Times are turbulent but, we need to find a solution to keep ourselves calm as parents . We can turn to spirituality to keep ourselves calm during these turbulent times. Spirituality offers a lot of insight into realms less trodden by us and leads to deeper understanding of the functioning of life. Here, we need to be very clear that spirituality is very different from religion. Spirituality is independent of any religion and is above all religions.


Parenting : No reward No Punishment model

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Let the children work in the environment of no reward and no punishment. Let the children work in the environment in which they want to do something because they feel for it and love to do it.
Reward creates a sense of being appreciated by others for their things, their actions and their achievements. Children start doing things for making others happy. They think that by doing certain things or achieving certain things they will make others happy, they stop doing things for the love of doing them or for satisfaction. So, the entire paradigm shifts to making others happy. Continue reading


Parenting: My personal Space

My personal space

It is often seen that children are given instructions throughout the day from one source or the other. In educational institutions their time tables are fixed and they are required to follow the instructions of tutors. At home they are required to follow the instruction of parents throughout the day. Every time such questions are asked ,”Where are you Tom ? What are you doing? I told you to do this. First finish off this then do something else. Tasks are ready for them to perform one after another.

Continue reading


Volunteering – A way of learning

We may have chosen a field for ourselves. This may be the field of our interest and the field in which we think that we may be pursuing a career. Volunteering in one’s field of choice is a good way of learning skills. It’s like an on field training or research on real time basis.

One may think of volunteering to be an activity in which one has to input one’s energies and time without any tangible gains. But, we tend to forget at times that all our gains can’t be put on paper and can’t be put into the category of tangible gains. We can gain a lot in terms of experience and knowledge in our chosen field. Continue reading