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What is the safe level of confidence a person should have?

Self Confidence is very important for a person to take a meaningful stand in one’s life .It is good to be Self confident but, being over confident and under confident both are detrimental.

Just like food taken in right dose is good and is necessary for the proper functioning of our body. But, both over nutrition and malnutrition are bad for the body. Both of them create diseases in the body. The nature of diseases caused by them may differ but, disease is a disease.

Over confident and under confidence both blur our thinking in the same manner as the presence of too much light or too little light blurs our vision. Presence of clouds in the sky obstructs the vision of the sun. Likewise, when we are overconfident or under confident our clarity of thinking is obstructed.

Too much or too little of medicine is bad. We need to take the right dose of medicine to get cured and we cannot take over dose or under dose.

It is very important for us to understand the boundary between Self confidence and over or under confidence. Now the very important question arises ,”How do we know whether we are not crossing our boundaries ?”. When this line is violated we tend to make more mistakes or there is loss of focus and stability in our thinking. As soon as any of such things start happening in our lives we should take some time off with ourselves to assess ourselves .


How will you handle a specially challenged child?

I happened to chance upon the question, “How will you handle a specially challenged child?” . This question aroused a thought process in me – is it about handling a specially challenged child or is it about bonding with the specially challenged child?

Specially challenged children are not be handled, but , bonded with at a different plane . This was a strong thought that overwhelmed me at that moment . It is a very subtle fact that needs to be understood when dealing with such children.

If the child is specially challenged and is not able to cope up , then we need to bond with that child at a different level of understanding – A level that the child can understand. This bonding is at different plane – a plane common to both the communicator and the child.

Once the bond is developed with such children at a mutually agreeable plane they can come up in life. The key is to catch the rhythm of the child . He is different and he beats the music at a different frequency. We just need to catch that frequency and overlap our music with that frequency so that amplified result can be generated.



Parenting : Perseverance is the key to success


Perseverance is the key to achieving in life , what we want. Here, I want to quote a famous tale that I used to hear when I was small .It was that of a king who had lost in the battle several times and was on the verge of giving up. He sat against a wall and observed an ant that was trying to climb the wall. Every time the ant went half way it fell. But, every time it fell , it got up and started its journey again. Continue reading


Attract Goodness in Your lives


We all need to learn to open up and expand .
First Scenario
We start to contract , we always think in terms of ME. Always such thoughts arise in our minds as
• What about me?
• What will happen to me?
• How can I get this or that?
We start moving within a shell. We need to realise we are closing ourselves from many good things in life.


Second Scenario
We start to open up and do as many good things in our lives as possible. Always such thoughts arise in our mind as
• What best we can do for others?
• How can I be useful to others?
• How can I serve others:

In each one of the scenarios, we come from a different space altogether.

In first scenario we come from the space of lack and in the second scenario we come from the space of abundance.
When we come from the space of lack we always feel that something or the other is missing from our lives. This way of thinking and living creates unhappiness and dissatisfaction in our lives.

When we come from the space of abundance which each one of us is already into ,we feel no dearth of anything in our lives. We feel we are the source of abundance of everything .This thought creates happiness and bliss in our lives. We don’t feel lack of anything instead we feel the source of many things.

Develop the habit of asking yourself and those around you “ What good thing you have done today? “
An act of goodness attracts goodness in our own lives.

We need to be grateful in our lives for all good things we have. It is written in bible ,” Whoever has will be given more ,and he will have in abundance. Whoever does not have , even what he has will be taken from him”.
“Whoever has will be given more “simply means he who feels he has enough and is grateful for whatever he has, will attract more GOOD THINGS in his life .
“Whoever does not have , even what he has will be taken from him” means that one who always feels lack and is not grateful for what he has will loose even whatever he has.The more lack feel one feels , the more LACK he will attract.

So, it depends upon us how we want to feel and what we want to attract in our lives.
It is our choice we want to see the Glass as HALF EMPTY or HALF FULL.

Note: As parents we can teach our children gratitude and abundance. Let them feel that they have enough with them to serve others .


What it takes to be a sports person:

Being a Sports Person – What it takes from your side and What it gives you :

It takes a lot of internal strength to be a sports person. Being into Competitive Sports means riding a roller coaster ride. You need to be ready for constant ups and downs. At one moment you may be enjoying the victory and the other moment you may be losing , with your rankings going down drastically.
Life Learning:
With constant ups and downs you learn to master the art of maintaining inner stability in chaos as is exhibited by a well-trained and experienced surfer who surfs efficiently and masters the waves and the currents of the sea.

You are required to follow strict discipline. Sports has lot to do with personal discipline. You need to follow strict training regime, mental discipline as well as diet discipline to be a successful sports person.
Life Learning:
You become a self disciplined person.

You need to train your mind away from all distractions. Distractions can be in the form of friends asking for your time to hang around, it can be in the form of opponents trying to pull you down, it can be in the form yearning for the free kind of life away from the busy training schedules occupying your personal time.
Life Learning:
As smaller ripples can not distract the main current of the river so the outside affects cannot distract you that easily from your main goals.

Sports is a field where in you need to manage your emotions .You simply cannot blurt out your emotional self before everyone and especially on the field. So you need to train to manage your emotions and not make a public show of them.
Life Learning:
You are able to manage your inner turmoil and emotions.

In case of team sports you are required to work with a team. You need to merge with the people of different temperaments and different working skills and yet are able to take them along for the larger benefit of the team as a whole.
Life Learning:
You develop team spirit and learn to work in a group. Human beings are in fact, social beings and team building helps you deal with human relationships in a better and matured way in your life.

Sports is like a meditation you do to reach the ultimate goal. Sports requires great and undeterred focus.
Life Learning:
You learn to remain focussed on your goals.

You need to have commitment and love for the sport you are into. Commitment helps to bring the best out of you within the scope of your limitations.
Life Learning:
Whatever task you take you learn to work in a committed way.

Mental toughness is required to succeed in sports. It could be a natural skill or honed up skill but it is a must.
Life Learning:
You learn to be mentally tough in life and small things or worries cannot stray you from your path that easily.



Personal Vision and Mission


Remember first step in achieving anything is conceptualisation and intent setting. Thought power is very great and this can lead us places.

You need to answer these questions for yourselves which lead you to set vision for yourself i.e. how you want your life to be ?

Look into yourself and create a vision and mission for yourself.

Step 1: Looking into oneself

Q1. a) What are my fundamental beliefs? What is my value system which forms the foundation of how I work and conduct myself?

b) What is truly important to me?

c) What I am passionate about?

d) What areas/issues deeply concern me?

Q2. Who are the people whom I would love to look up to as role models?

Q3. a) What are the things that I love doing and which provide me great sense of satisfaction?

b) In past one month what were the events and occasions in which I found myself happy and satisfied?

Q4. a) What I am best at?

b) What I am good at?

Q5. How would I like to see my life unravelling in next 5 years,10 years, 20 years and so on, on

a) Personal front

b) Family front

c) Professional front /Educational front

Step 2 – My vision and My mission

1) What I found in myself that I think I should

a) Start doing(improvement/development areas)

b) Stop doing

c) Do more of it(improvement/development areas)

d) Do less of it

2) What are the goals in my life which I want to meet in

a) Next 1 year

b) Next 5 years

c) Next 10 years

3) Target setting:
In the next one year:

a) What I need to develop/learn/attain in various areas of my life (softer as well as harder skills)?

b) How will I go about in achieving it?

c)What I will be doing to make it happen?

d)What kind of support/help do I need to make it happen?


1.While answering the questions for yourself sit in a quiet place where you can concentrate and think in peace.

2.After answering the questions keep the sheet with you in a place where it is safe as well as where you can revisit it time and again.

3.Revisiting is very powerful tool which helps to ingrain your vision and mission deeply in your mind and in your being.

4.As parents you can always encourage your children to set their vision and mission as soon as they are old enough to understand things.


Learn to take criticism- It helps you to evolve:


Mr. X: What happens when you are doing something with passion and dedication and someone comments that you are not doing it properly , there are lapses in your working style and you are required to undergo a training for improvement???

Mr. Y : Oh! I feel lot of pain and turmoil inside me. I feel I am putting in sincere effort from my side and this is the credit I get for my work. I feel terrible and as if all my reputation is at stake. I feel like retaliating or leaving the work what I was involved in.

Wait a second!!! If these are your thoughts wait for sometime. Calm down and introspect yourself. Real answers will start emerging. Sometimes we are so much involved with our fantasies and self image that it becomes difficult for us to see the hard core facts. We may not realise the work we are doing is not producing the desired results.

It depends upon us whether we thank the other person for pointing our drawbacks and take this as an opportunity to learn and improve ourselves or make it an ego issue. The choices we make in our lives have a lot of effect on our evolution and growth as a person and as a human being. When we stop taking criticism we stop evolving. This is the end of the road. We stop and we stagnate.

We may feel the pain inside us but yet the fact remains the same that people who criticise us work well for our growth. The criticism is just like bitter gourd juice which is unpalatable but yet good for our health.
So, we need to take decision for ourselves whether to eat the bitter medicine when we are ill and get cured or avoid the medicine and let disease be there , troubling us time and again.

Note: As parents we need to train our children to take criticism in good spirits and introspect and evolve.