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Driving through the by lanes:

Driving through the by lanes in India is an experience of its own. Each person has his own way of driving and we need to accommodate and respect the way of driving of each other driver. We need to find our own way through the chaos. Impatience is simply not the choice we have. We have no other way than controlling and minding our own driving.

Same way in Life, each one of us is in the run to finish the journey of his life and has his own way doing it. One needs to charter one’s own way. It requires a great skill to find one’s own path when a lot is going on around us. One cannot complain or show impatience, as in driving so in real life if one exhibits impatience he may be bogged down.



Duality of Existence

On a casual discussion between two friends one of the friends seems to be sensitive to or emotional to a particular situation while the other friend seems to find the same situation to be a trivial one. Let us consider the situation here is about the remarks made by their colleagues about them.The remarks were of similar nature. The one who was sensitive to them felt the pain while the other friend seemed to be least effected, as those remarks seemed to be trivial in nature to her.

On pondering, it is realized that both the situations – pro and contrary are coexisting at all the times. It depends upon a person what he wants to see , what he is sensitive to or may be the situation he is unable to handle. So everything is personal and depends upon oneself. All situations are existent and non-existent at the same time. There is duality in their existence. The part that is visible to one person is, may be the part he is sensitive to.

Going one step further from here, we can infer that there is a possibility that a person can make all the situations he finds difficult to handle or tolerate unimportant and non- existent for himself.



Check points for Soul Degeneration:

Now-a-days we go for health check up plans to check the functioning of our physical body. What about the internal health check up and check points? When our internal soul energy depletes we do get various symptoms such as arising of various negative emotions such as jealousy , anger,hatred , insecurity etc.

Presence of these symptoms should immediately be a check point for one self and indication that one’s soul energy or the reservoir of internal energy is getting depleted and needs an immediate replenishment.

First step towards treatment of any ailment is diagnosis . Once we have see the symptoms of soul degeneration in us we need to immediately break ourselves away from external world for sometime and work on ourselves and our internal health. Some of the techniques that can help us in soul regeneration are
• Reading good books that empower our souls and give us wisdom and knowledge on the working of life.
• Meditation makes us calm and serene which helps us to understand the things in right perspective.
• Music and art forms that we love doing also give us a nice break away from the things that are troubling us . After a soothing break we can come up again with a new perspective on the things and new thoughts.
Best wishes for all of you for your good soul health!!!




Fear is the greatest weakness in this world. Fear initiates many vices in this world. Fear of loss of loved ones, fear of loss of so called social image, fear of loneliness, fear of future etc.

Fear may lead one to paths one wouldn’t have normally traversed . Fear has to be dropped as early as possible otherwise one day one would wake up and realise that one has traversed too far on the path which one shouldn’t have traversed at all.

Drop all fear . Fear leads to the bondage . Fear leads to chains unseen but, constantly restricting oneself.

Liberate yourself . Feel the liberation from all fear and pain. Fearlessness is LIFE , fearlessness is BLISS and fear is LIFELESSNESS .


Life Lessons learnt from Driving :

Driving a car and real Life are very similar – a THOUGHT

Driving a car is the practical implementation of the lessons we are taught on how to lead a LIFE.
Lesson 1 : When we are driving a car we need to keep ourselves focused . A little shift in focus may lead to a mishappening. Same way in LIFE we need to focus on our GOALS , a shift in focus can lead to missing our goals.

Lesson 2: While driving we are required to look forward although we occasionally look back from the rear mirror while stopping or changing lanes. Same way in LIFE as always said LIFE IS LIVED FORWARDS AND UNDERSTOOD BACKWARDS. We can occasionally fall back for the learnings we have learned in our lives when we are changing the course of our lives or at the point of taking very important decisions in our lives. But , we can not lead our life backwards.

Lesson 3: While driving we need to calm down our brains as aggression and restlessness disturbs our mind and hinders the smooth driving of our car. Our mental state reflects on our driving – calmness inside can be seen in calmness outside and aggression and restlessness inside can be seen in restlessness outside. It’s always seen that people who lack patience or are restless inside keep on honking unnecessarily and are rash drivers. So is in life too . We need to learn the skill of keeping ourselves calm for the smooth flow of our lives. Restlessness and aggression may lead ourselves as well as people around us into inconvenience .

I feel that one should learn to drive so that one can practically correlate the driving to life.


All about time

Today why the clock is moving so slow?

Scenario 1 :
If we are busy doing something in our lives and are enjoying doing what we are doing ,time flies off like anything. We feel as if day is too short and we could get some more hours in our hands. It is a good parameter that indicates that we are enjoying our lives and we are enjoying whatever we are involved in.
Scenario 2 :
If we feel time is not passing and day is too long, we need to step back and interrogate ourselves to find why is it happening. This is simply an indication that we are not doing anything constructive in our lives to keep ourselves busy or we are just not enjoying what we are doing. So, let us redefine our lifestyle and incorporate more of activities that we enjoy doing.

There are some activities which need to be done as basic requirements for our day to day living and whether we like it or not they need to be performed. So , why not start enjoying these activities or renovate to make these activities more enjoyable.

It all depends upon ourselves as to how we well want to spend our lives.

Everything said above can be summarised by the famous saying,” Add life to your Days and not Days to your life”.

Good luck for your happier lives !!!


Liberate yourself:

To be oneself is very liberating. There are situations in one’s life when one pretends to be someone else just to make people around oneself happy or to by pass an unpleasant situation or may be to downplay somebody else ,but believe me pretending what you are not takes away the joy of freedom , the joy of simplicity from you.

It requires a lot of inner strength to be oneself in all situations. People who pretend to be whatever they are not are very weak people. They live their lives in the shackles of slavery of the image projection and never ever live their life in true sense. The joy of simplicity is different. It’s OK we can’t always be correct or we can’t always be a super hero.

Let us enjoy being whatever we are.

I wish you good luck on your journey to liberation !!!


Happiness is a Skill : Give this a thought

All about happy and lucky people

One should always try to surround oneself by people who are considered to be happy and lucky in their lives.

Leading a happy life is also a skill. It isn’t that people who are happy have everything flowing smoothly in their lives. It is the way they handle the bitter situations in their lives. They know how to surf the rough waves smoothly. They are highly skilled people.

It is one thing that being in good vibes we too catch good vibes. But, one more face is there to this and that is being in the company of happy people we also can learn their skills.

Good books and good and happy people are assets in one’s Life. So , go ahead lead a happy life in the company of good people and good books.

Best of luck for your happy journey !!!