Parenting : Bonding with children


In today’s fast paced life children are busy in their pursuit of doing something, achieving something and parents on the other hand are themselves busy with their own working schedules. This lack of time leads to loss of touch and loss of bonding between the parents and the children.

In our fast paced lives, we need to find out time in which keep all our activities away. We need to find time just to feel and listen what is going on, on the other side .Let us find time for simpler activities of listening to each other and chatting with each other. Let all this be without purpose .Let the warmth of hearts and nothingness fill the space.

Let us create lighter moments in our lives. With our busy schedule we have forgotten to laugh , to enjoy the simplicity of nature .Let us be in the moment when we are at home.

Let us keep away everything and spend some healthy time with our children and vice a versa . No gadgets, no external factors disturbing our communication, no worries taking us away from the moment. Just we and our kids enjoying the silence, the presence of each other. Let the warmth be all around. Let the simple presence of being with each other be enjoyable. There is no necessity of words , no necessity of letting our presence being felt by the other side. Let the positive vibes from our hearts communicate with each other. Make this experience extremely enjoyable for one another. No demands and no commands shall disturb this equilibrium, this harmony . Let each one look forward for such enriching moments in our lives.

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