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Motu Aur Patlu:


We at PlatinumLearningMate believe in all round development. For education and entertainment we can use the medium of books , online medium or visual medium. Intelligent use of television can be a good source of learning and entertainment.

Motu Aur Patlu is an animated cartoon broadcasted on Nickelodeon TV.
This is a pure Indian Style Comedy Series. Motu and Patlu are very close friends living in the town named Furfuri Nagar .They are in good terms with the police inspector named Chingam Sir , Dr. Jhatka who keeps on experimenting to invent something new and Ghasitaram. Motu is fond of eating especially the samosas. Both of them land up into awkward situations off and on due to their innocence. Motu is more stronger physically and Patlu is more brainy of the two . Both of them complement each other in problem solving and resolve their problems with the help of their friends Chingam Sir , Dr. Jhatka and Ghasitaram.
Remarks : This tele serial is adapted from famous Indian comic series Lotpot
Platinum Meter:
Genre : Entertainment
Ratings on Entertainment : 5/5
Language : Hindi
Profanity : 0/5
Directed By: Suhas Kadav
Suitability for age groups:
5 -12 years: Yes.
12-16 years : Yes .
16-20 years: Yes .
Above 20 years: Yes


Importance of Oneself:

Each one of us lives his life in myth , believing that he is very important to the organization to which he belongs. Organization can be an office, a home etc. The best way to see importance of oneself is to move away from the organization for sometime and see how many days or sometimes months it takes to refill your presence. The faster you are replaced the better judgement you can have of your worth.
Nothing is permanent in Life. Neither your position nor your being. Everything is ever changing. Leading a wishful Life , thinking I will do this so that I will be in good books of this person or that person is putting yourself into bondage. This bondage leads to unrealistic expectations. Unrealistic expectations always lead to misery.
Whatever one does should be done for the love it and not with the expectation that if I will do this I will be in the good books of somebody or my worth in an organization will increase. Both being in the good books of somebody or increasing of self worth of a person in an organization is temporary. Temporary things remain for sometime and vanish as the situation changes. Being attached to false image of self worth leads to pain and misery. Let us liberate ourselves from the shackles of bondage and lead a truly blissful Life.


Inner Science Series – Part 3


My Take on Vipassana after attending 10 Day residential course in Vipassana.

Vipassana is a form of meditation that trains one to travel inwards past one’s body. The basic principle on which it works is Law of Nature.  According to it, the Dharma is nothing but, following Law of Nature. It prevails everywhere and is same for all human beings irrespective of their cast, creed or position. What we reap is the product of what we sow? Nothing can be done outside without generating it inside . All positivity or negativity is first generated inside and only then transmitted outside. If we generate negative emotions such as anger, fear, hatred, jealousy etc , the first ones to burn in this fire are we ourselves. This is the Nature’s way to punish us. Nature’s punishment will not be visible as most of us think. It is subtle but, prevailing. If we sow the seed of a mango tree we cannot expect an apple fruit to come on that tree. Same ways, if sow love and happiness, we reap love and happiness and if sow hatred and negativity we reap that only.

Second take from Vipassana meditation was that, even if our conscious mind knows what is right and what is wrong many times our subconscious mind doesn’t listen to it. It works on certain other parameters. We know that we should not get angry, but we do at times get angry and are unable to control our emotions. Vipasana teaches us to reach our subconscious mind and train the subconscious mind.

Vipassana teaches us the way of self liberation through self observation. It trains us to observe the subtle sensations generated in our body whenever emotions are generated  . If become aware of what kind of sensations we are creating inside our body and how the reactions are taking place inside our body then, we will be able to control them. Knowing everything at conscious level is knowledge and this knowledge needs to be converted into experience.

In chemistry, we read about so many reactions and when we conduct practicals only then we can see for real what is happening. Likewise Vipasana is considered as the practicals conducted by ourselves on our body to see what is happening inside our body. Nobody outside has the power or control of what is happening inside our body. We ourselves are responsible for everything happening to us.


Inner Science Series – Part 2

Spirituality and Religion are two different streams.

Spirituality leads us to liberation while Religion leads us to bondage.

Religion is a closed ecosystem with certain set of rituals and belief systems to be followed.Spirituality is an open space allowing one the freedom to grow in ones own way. Spiritual growth leads to liberation of soul . As we grow in spirituality we feel light within ourselves.

Spirituality mitigates craving for things. Detachment is the by product of spirituality and not its focus.
Finally ,Spirituality leads to Enlightenment of Soul or Moksha .


Dangal :


Dangal is a true story about the making of the two Indian Women Wrestlers , Geeta Phogat and Babita Kumari from a small village in Haryana , India. Their father , Mahavir Singh Phogat himself being a National Champion in Wrestling always dreamt to get a gold medal for India in the International Arena but, could not pursue wrestling due to financial constraints of the family. He wished to have a son who could fulfil his dream of getting a gold medal for India in wrestling. His dream of having a son was dashed as his wife gave birth to two beautiful daughters.

One day he saw some parents waiting for him in his house . On enquiring it was found that they had come to his home to complain him about his daughters, who had beaten their son black and blue . Seeing this Phogat becomes exited and realises that he doesn’t need a son to fulfil his dream getting gold medal for India in International Wrestling He starts training his daughters very hard and finally they move on to become National Champions in Wrestling. They are sent to National Sports Authority for further training where they train under a new coach who is not as great and committed as their father. Geeta for sometime loses her focus and doesn’t follow the discipline required in sports. As a result she starts losing in International Arena. With the losing streaks, she starts losing her confidence and starts doubting her capabilities. She talks to her father about this .Seeing his daughter in this situation Phogat takes room on rent near NSA for training his daughters. The two sisters move out of the National Sports Authority campus daily without permission to train under their father. But, soon this comes to the notice of the coach and the duo are required to give an explanation. Warning is issued to Phogat and he is told to not come inside NSA premises. He is unable to train his daughters but, doesn’t give up . He finds a way to train them remotely by watching their videos and instructing them on mobile phone. Finally , Geeta Phogat is able to get the gold medal for India in wrestling in Common Wealth Games 2010 against the hopes of everybody.

Learnings :
• Work hard and never give up on your dream
• Losing is never the end , each one of us has the capacity to turn the tables
• Focus and Hard work are the keys to success
• Where there is Will there is a Way. Lack of means cannot stop oneself to achieve one’s Dreams.

Extra bytes : Movie is based on the True Story of the making of women wrestlers Geeta Phogat and Babita Kumari


Genre: True Story , Sports , Motivation , Biopic
Language: Hindi
Rating : U
Running Time: 160 minutes
Directed By: Nitesh Tiwari
Produced By: Aamir Khan , Kiran Rao ,Siddharth Roy Kapur
Cast: Aamir Khan,Sakshi Tanwar,Fatima Sana Shaikh,Sanya Malhotra,Zaira Wasim,Suhani Bhatnagar
Release Date: December , 2016
Frightening /violence scenes/Intense scenes: 0/5
Alcohol/drugs/smoke: 0/5
Profanity: 1/5
Adult Intimacy: No
Rating on Family Values: 5/5
Rating on Motivation : 5/5
Suitability for age groups:
5 -12 years: Yes
12-18 years : Yes
18 years and above : Yes


Moana – Movie Review

Moana is a 3D Animation movie .
Storyline :
The movie is a about a little girl named Moana . She is the daughter of the chief of a Polynesian island of Motunui and is chosen one by the sea to save her people from being lost into the darkness.

The story starts from the point where grandmother is telling the children about Te Fiti , the island goddess whose heart had the power of creating Life. The demigod Maui , stole Te Fiti’s heart but , was overpowered by Te ka , the lava demon and in this process lost the Te fiti’s heart as well as his power which was in a fishhook. Grandmother tells children to get that heart back from Maui when they grow up. Moana enjoys this story very much . As she is growing up she gets several indications that she is the one chosen by the sea god to restore Te Fiti’s heart. She is always drawn to the sea and yearns to sail beyond the reef but , is always dissuaded by her father. Her father loves her a lot . He is very possessive about his daughter and doesn’t want her to be into any kind of trouble. He has lost one of his friend’s to the rough sea beyond the reef. Moan’s grandmother sees Moana’s yearning for the sea and the several indications given by the sea to her. She encourages her to take up the responsibility of restoring Te Fiti’s heart back so that the whole of humanity is saved from the doom. Moana leaves for her journey for restoring the heart and is successful in placing the heart back to Te Fiti. As soon as the heart is replaced the Life comes back to its full swing and darkness starts vanishing .

Extra bytes : Walt Disney Pictures
Genre: Adventure , Fiction, Fable , Motivation
Language: English
Rating : U
Running Time: 103 minutes
Directed By: Ron Clements , Don Hall
Produced By: Osnat Shurer
Cast: Auli’i Cravalho, Dwayne Johnson, Rachel House,Temuera Morrison , Jemaine Clement , Nicole Scherzinger,Alan Tudyk
Release Date: November , 2016
Frightening /violence scenes/Intense scenes: 1/5
Alcohol/drugs/smoke: 0/5
Profanity: 0/5
Adult Intimacy: No
Rating on Family Values: 4/5
Rating on Adventure : 5/5
Suitability for age groups:
5 -12 years: Yes
12-18 years : Yes
18 years and above : Yes