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Independence Day

Vande Mataram
Few things children can do to show their patriotism and act as responsible citizens of India

• Children can start a Swatch Bharat program in their neighbourhood

• Children can start Teach Technology campaign in their neighbourhood wherein they can teach technology to senior citizens or to any person who is not tech savvy. This way they can contribute to reduce the digital divide in our country.

• Children can start Health club in their locality to encourage healthy living.


Queen of Katwe

Queen of Katwe1

Queen of Katwe is an inspirational movie based on the life of Phiona Mutes . It is the story about journey of the Ugandan girl , Phiona Mutes , from a pitiful life of slums of Katwe to the becoming of the Grand Chess Master. It is the story of a dedicated master who trains the children coming from poor background to become chess champions.
Learning from the movie:
• Tough situations cannot mar ones journey to success. Tough conditions do not last but, tough people do.
• Never run away stand up and face
• Be humble when victorious. Pride leads to fall.
Extra Bytes :
The movie is based on Queen of Katwe: A Story of Life, Chess, and One Extraordinary Girl’s Dream of Becoming a Grandmaster by Tim Crothers
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Tele Reviews by PlatinumLearningMate

Motu Aur Patlu:


We at PlatinumLearningMate believe in all round development. For education and entertainment we can use the medium of books , online medium or visual medium. Intelligent use of television can be a good source of learning and entertainment.

Motu Aur Patlu is an animated cartoon broadcasted on Nickelodeon TV.
This is a pure Indian Style Comedy Series. Motu and Patlu are very close friends living in the town named Furfuri Nagar .They are in good terms with the police inspector named Chingam Sir , Dr. Jhatka who keeps on experimenting to invent something new and Ghasitaram. Motu is fond of eating especially the samosas. Both of them land up into awkward situations off and on due to their innocence. Motu is more stronger physically and Patlu is more brainy of the two . Both of them complement each other in problem solving and resolve their problems with the help of their friends Chingam Sir , Dr. Jhatka and Ghasitaram.
Remarks : This tele serial is adapted from famous Indian comic series Lotpot
Platinum Meter:
Genre : Entertainment
Ratings on Entertainment : 5/5
Language : Hindi
Profanity : 0/5
Directed By: Suhas Kadav
Suitability for age groups:
5 -12 years: Yes.
12-16 years : Yes .
16-20 years: Yes .
Above 20 years: Yes


Importance of Oneself:

Each one of us lives his life in myth , believing that he is very important to the organization to which he belongs. Organization can be an office, a home etc. The best way to see importance of oneself is to move away from the organization for sometime and see how many days or sometimes months it takes to refill your presence. The faster you are replaced the better judgement you can have of your worth.
Nothing is permanent in Life. Neither your position nor your being. Everything is ever changing. Leading a wishful Life , thinking I will do this so that I will be in good books of this person or that person is putting yourself into bondage. This bondage leads to unrealistic expectations. Unrealistic expectations always lead to misery.
Whatever one does should be done for the love it and not with the expectation that if I will do this I will be in the good books of somebody or my worth in an organization will increase. Both being in the good books of somebody or increasing of self worth of a person in an organization is temporary. Temporary things remain for sometime and vanish as the situation changes. Being attached to false image of self worth leads to pain and misery. Let us liberate ourselves from the shackles of bondage and lead a truly blissful Life.