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The Dark Tower:


The dark tower is science fiction movie depicting a boy who has visions in his dreams about a tall tower at the center of the universe .It protects earth from the dark side of the life which stays outside the universe . If this dark tower falls, the evil , the dark will enter the earth and predominate its natives. The Gunslingers protects the tower from falling. The Man in Black is a sorcerer who has managed to kill all the Gunslingers except Roland Deschain . Roland is the only Gunslinger on whom his magic doesn’t work.

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Inner Science Series – Part 4

Day in Day out Life is running.

There is hustle and bustle all around.

I too am running in this maddening rush.

This rush doesn’t seem to stop.

I consciously stop for a moment to observe the moment.

I consciously take a moment to peep inside .

I realise “It has been long since I have been with myself”

I realise “It has been long since I heard to the deep voice inside.”

I realise that”This is me a peaceful being whom I had forgotten from a long time.”


Independence Day

Vande Mataram
Few things children can do to show their patriotism and act as responsible citizens of India

• Children can start a Swatch Bharat program in their neighbourhood

• Children can start Teach Technology campaign in their neighbourhood wherein they can teach technology to senior citizens or to any person who is not tech savvy. This way they can contribute to reduce the digital divide in our country.

• Children can start Health club in their locality to encourage healthy living.


Queen of Katwe

Queen of Katwe1

Queen of Katwe is an inspirational movie based on the life of Phiona Mutes . It is the story about journey of the Ugandan girl , Phiona Mutes , from a pitiful life of slums of Katwe to the becoming of the Grand Chess Master. It is the story of a dedicated master who trains the children coming from poor background to become chess champions.
Learning from the movie:
• Tough situations cannot mar ones journey to success. Tough conditions do not last but, tough people do.
• Never run away stand up and face
• Be humble when victorious. Pride leads to fall.
Extra Bytes :
The movie is based on Queen of Katwe: A Story of Life, Chess, and One Extraordinary Girl’s Dream of Becoming a Grandmaster by Tim Crothers
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