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Inner Calm

Incidentally, I was thinking about Samadhi in spiritual journey and was reading some text on spirituality when this incident of suicide case of one of the bollywood actor (Sushant Singh Rajput) happened. A thought struck inside me, how is Suicide different from Samadhi? In both the cases one chooses his time to leave for the heavenly abode.
The difference seems to lie in the way one leaves the body . The thoughts and process by which the yogis(enlightened beings) leave the body are very pious and the process itself is very scientific. They have mastered the process to leave the body and all this happens in a very peaceful and smooth manner. When a person commits suicide, he leaves the body with the thoughts of helplessness, dejection and the like. It seems he forces the process on himself.
It is always said in our spiritual texts, the thoughts with which we leave the body decides the future path for us. If anybody feels dejected by life, he can always embrace spirituality and reorient his journey. Why to abruptly end it in the weakest of the forms? Why not find strength with in him? Spirituality always leads to strength and inner calm. One can learn to enjoy one’s journey within.
May every human being find peace and bliss.