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Inner Science Series – Part 5

Making the most of auspicious days:


The auspicious days in Hindu Mythology like Shivratri , Vaikunta Ekadasi and more are the days on which there is powerful alignment of stars and planets. Our ancestors were much more aware of star alignments and chose these days when there were strong celestial alignments. It seems strong portal of energy opens up on these days.

To make most of these celestial alignments we need to prepare our bodies for reception of this energy. Meditation makes our body outwardly and inwardly calm and we act like strong receptors of energy. We can make most on these days by stealing ourselves away from our normal routine timetable and making ourselves available for meditation. We can absorb ourselves into deep meditation. We can take small gaps in between as we may not be trained to sit for long hours. Let these breaks or gaps be worthwhile and we do not indulge ourselves into energy consuming or mind stimulating activities like watching television, working on mobiles or other such gadgets that take us away from ourselves. Keeping calm and observing silence will help us absorb this energy better.

Let’s make the most of celestial alignments.

Let’s move on the path of spirituality.


Driving through the by lanes:

Driving through the by lanes in India is an experience of its own. Each person has his own way of driving and we need to accommodate and respect the way of driving of each other driver. We need to find our own way through the chaos. Impatience is simply not the choice we have. We have no other way than controlling and minding our own driving.

Same way in Life, each one of us is in the run to finish the journey of his life and has his own way doing it. One needs to charter one’s own way. It requires a great skill to find one’s own path when a lot is going on around us. One cannot complain or show impatience, as in driving so in real life if one exhibits impatience he may be bogged down.


Duality of Existence

On a casual discussion between two friends one of the friends seems to be sensitive to or emotional to a particular situation while the other friend seems to find the same situation to be a trivial one. Let us consider the situation here is about the remarks made by their colleagues about them.The remarks were of similar nature. The one who was sensitive to them felt the pain while the other friend seemed to be least effected, as those remarks seemed to be trivial in nature to her.

On pondering, it is realized that both the situations – pro and contrary are coexisting at all the times. It depends upon a person what he wants to see , what he is sensitive to or may be the situation he is unable to handle. So everything is personal and depends upon oneself. All situations are existent and non-existent at the same time. There is duality in their existence. The part that is visible to one person is, may be the part he is sensitive to.

Going one step further from here, we can infer that there is a possibility that a person can make all the situations he finds difficult to handle or tolerate unimportant and non- existent for himself.


The Dark Tower:


The dark tower is science fiction movie depicting a boy who has visions in his dreams about a tall tower at the center of the universe .It protects earth from the dark side of the life which stays outside the universe . If this dark tower falls, the evil , the dark will enter the earth and predominate its natives. The Gunslingers protects the tower from falling. The Man in Black is a sorcerer who has managed to kill all the Gunslingers except Roland Deschain . Roland is the only Gunslinger on whom his magic doesn’t work.

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Inner Science Series – Part 4

Day in Day out Life is running.

There is hustle and bustle all around.

I too am running in this maddening rush.

This rush doesn’t seem to stop.

I consciously stop for a moment to observe the moment.

I consciously take a moment to peep inside .

I realise “It has been long since I have been with myself”

I realise “It has been long since I heard to the deep voice inside.”

I realise that”This is me a peaceful being whom I had forgotten from a long time.”