Worksheets help children to practice and hone their skills. The complexity of questions will increase as more worksheets are practiced. It will be a slow progression from simple to higher thinking order questions on any particular topic.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What is required for practising the worksheets?
Answer: A computer along with internet connection is required. It is good if you keep a notebook and a pencil or a pen handy with you.

Question: What is the ideal way of practicing with worksheets?
• Practice should be a regular feature.
• Practice worksheets on any particular topic in the order given so as to maintain the flow of the things.
• Practice in a calm environment.
Question: What features do I get with the worksheets?
• Worksheets are like test papers prepared for you.
• On completion of the worksheets you can check your score as well as see the time taken by you for the completion of the worksheet.
• After attempting each question there is a check button
 On clicking the check button you immediately come to know whether the question attempted by you is correct or incorrect.
 On pressing the check button you also get detailed explanation for each question.

• After checking the question you can move on to next question by clicking on the next button at the bottom.