All about time

Today why the clock is moving so slow?

Scenario 1 :
If we are busy doing something in our lives and are enjoying doing what we are doing ,time flies off like anything. We feel as if day is too short and we could get some more hours in our hands. It is a good parameter that indicates that we are enjoying our lives and we are enjoying whatever we are involved in.
Scenario 2 :
If we feel time is not passing and day is too long, we need to step back and interrogate ourselves to find why is it happening. This is simply an indication that we are not doing anything constructive in our lives to keep ourselves busy or we are just not enjoying what we are doing. So, let us redefine our lifestyle and incorporate more of activities that we enjoy doing.

There are some activities which need to be done as basic requirements for our day to day living and whether we like it or not they need to be performed. So , why not start enjoying these activities or renovate to make these activities more enjoyable.

It all depends upon ourselves as to how we well want to spend our lives.

Everything said above can be summarised by the famous saying,” Add life to your Days and not Days to your life”.

Good luck for your happier lives !!!

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