Life Lessons learnt from Driving :

Driving a car and real Life are very similar – a THOUGHT

Driving a car is the practical implementation of the lessons we are taught on how to lead a LIFE.
Lesson 1 : When we are driving a car we need to keep ourselves focused . A little shift in focus may lead to a mishappening. Same way in LIFE we need to focus on our GOALS , a shift in focus can lead to missing our goals.

Lesson 2: While driving we are required to look forward although we occasionally look back from the rear mirror while stopping or changing lanes. Same way in LIFE as always said LIFE IS LIVED FORWARDS AND UNDERSTOOD BACKWARDS. We can occasionally fall back for the learnings we have learned in our lives when we are changing the course of our lives or at the point of taking very important decisions in our lives. But , we can not lead our life backwards.

Lesson 3: While driving we need to calm down our brains as aggression and restlessness disturbs our mind and hinders the smooth driving of our car. Our mental state reflects on our driving – calmness inside can be seen in calmness outside and aggression and restlessness inside can be seen in restlessness outside. It’s always seen that people who lack patience or are restless inside keep on honking unnecessarily and are rash drivers. So is in life too . We need to learn the skill of keeping ourselves calm for the smooth flow of our lives. Restlessness and aggression may lead ourselves as well as people around us into inconvenience .

I feel that one should learn to drive so that one can practically correlate the driving to life.

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