Celebrating Relationships

We beleive in holistic education and development . We welcome contributions from parents and educators.

A tribute to a wonderful Father:
On the eve of this Father’s Day I take a moment to thank my father for the all the small and the great things he has done for me. He has been there for me, by my side through the thick and the thin of my Life. He is the one who has always been wishing for my happiness and betterment. He has been a well wisher in true sense . He has always been a guiding lamp by my side. He is loved , cared for and remembered on this day and all the days. He has done his part, it is now I who owe my part . May God bless him with health, happiness and peace. May he enjoy this part of his journey that is called the Old Age.

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Schooling Then and Now :

In earlier times in India there was a sacred and pure relationship between the master and the disciple (Guru and Shishya Parampara). Once the parent admitted his child to a Gurukul , his role taken over by the Guru. Guru took the responsibility of the child and saw that when the child left the Gurukul he had moral values , social values and was apt in knowledge.

The olden days Gurukuls have now been replaced by modern day schools, which work just like corporate offices. Here, there is no talk of Guru and Shishya. The term Shishya is replaced by Customer. There is more talk on customer dealing and customer satisfaction than the actual inculcating of values and imparting of knowledge to the child. Regular feedback is taken from the parents and the students. If the customers are happy and satisfied the teacher is considered to be productive for the organization. The focus of teacher thus shifts from the actual development of the child to keeping the child happy. There is no room or space given for any kind of experimentation or trying out of new strategies by the teacher .The teacher prefers the safer path.
The teachers have no right to scold a child. If the valuable customer gets unhappy and a parent complains then the teacher is taken for a ride. The educational organizations only try to lure the customers so that they can get better admissions next time. When the parents come for admissions to the school they talk more about the facilities in the school than the actual teaching. For instance, if the weather is rough they look for schools which are air conditioned and where their child can spend his time comfortably. The parents are quick enough to pull their child out of the school if the teachers scolds or complains about the child.

So, it is really a worrisome stage. We need check where this modern education system is leading our society to. Inculcating discipline and values in children is the talk of the yore.


How well does it gel to work in the same school as your child?

Now-a-days schools offer several benefits to woo parents to join the same school as the child. But, how well does it work for the child?
Some parents are of the view that working in the same school as the child will keep them closer to the child and they can see through what’s happening in their child’s life. But, on reality check it is found that it hampers the growth of the child. The parents try to influence the class teacher or the subject teacher to give extra attention to the child. Especially, if the parent is in the position of authority he/she tries to influence the normal working of the teacher. The teacher is under the pressure to oblige the higher up or doesn’t have the authority to go against the higher up? In this process the whole culture of the learning environment goes for a toss. The children now a days are smart enough to understand what’s going on .They take undue advantage of the system. They stop learning and their personnel growth is hampered. They are under the authoritative shadow of their parent. Everything is easy for them .But, this does not gel with real life. In real life , everyone has to put in hard work and labour to achieve ones goals. There are no shortcuts. The Darwin’s theory of the Survival of the fittest holds true. So, once they move out of the current organisation into the real world how well adjusting these children are and how well they can withstand the pressure of working in an organisation is questionable.


Tele Reviews by PlatinumLearningMate

Motu Aur Patlu:


We at PlatinumLearningMate believe in all round development. For education and entertainment we can use the medium of books , online medium or visual medium. Intelligent use of television can be a good source of learning and entertainment.

Motu Aur Patlu is an animated cartoon broadcasted on Nickelodeon TV.
This is a pure Indian Style Comedy Series. Motu and Patlu are very close friends living in the town named Furfuri Nagar .They are in good terms with the police inspector named Chingam Sir , Dr. Jhatka who keeps on experimenting to invent something new and Ghasitaram. Motu is fond of eating especially the samosas. Both of them land up into awkward situations off and on due to their innocence. Motu is more stronger physically and Patlu is more brainy of the two . Both of them complement each other in problem solving and resolve their problems with the help of their friends Chingam Sir , Dr. Jhatka and Ghasitaram.
Remarks : This tele serial is adapted from famous Indian comic series Lotpot
Platinum Meter:
Genre : Entertainment
Ratings on Entertainment : 5/5
Language : Hindi
Profanity : 0/5
Directed By: Suhas Kadav
Suitability for age groups:
5 -12 years: Yes.
12-16 years : Yes .
16-20 years: Yes .
Above 20 years: Yes


Importance of Oneself:

Each one of us lives his life in myth , believing that he is very important to the organization to which he belongs. Organization can be an office, a home etc. The best way to see importance of oneself is to move away from the organization for sometime and see how many days or sometimes months it takes to refill your presence. The faster you are replaced the better judgement you can have of your worth.
Nothing is permanent in Life. Neither your position nor your being. Everything is ever changing. Leading a wishful Life , thinking I will do this so that I will be in good books of this person or that person is putting yourself into bondage. This bondage leads to unrealistic expectations. Unrealistic expectations always lead to misery.
Whatever one does should be done for the love it and not with the expectation that if I will do this I will be in the good books of somebody or my worth in an organization will increase. Both being in the good books of somebody or increasing of self worth of a person in an organization is temporary. Temporary things remain for sometime and vanish as the situation changes. Being attached to false image of self worth leads to pain and misery. Let us liberate ourselves from the shackles of bondage and lead a truly blissful Life.


My Take on Spirituality – Part 3


My Take on Vipassana after attending 10 Day residential course in Vipassana.

Vipassana is a form of meditation that trains one to travel inwards past one’s body. The basic principle on which it works is Law of Nature.  According to it, the Dharma is nothing but, following Law of Nature. It prevails everywhere and is same for all human beings irrespective of their cast, creed or position. What we reap is the product of what we sow? Nothing can be done outside without generating it inside . All positivity or negativity is first generated inside and only then transmitted outside. If we generate negative emotions such as anger, fear, hatred, jealousy etc , the first ones to burn in this fire are we ourselves. This is the Nature’s way to punish us. Nature’s punishment will not be visible as most of us think. It is subtle but, prevailing. If we sow the seed of a mango tree we cannot expect an apple fruit to come on that tree. Same ways, if sow love and happiness, we reap love and happiness and if sow hatred and negativity we reap that only.

Second take from Vipassana meditation was that, even if our conscious mind knows what is right and what is wrong many times our subconscious mind doesn’t listen to it. It works on certain other parameters. We know that we should not get angry, but we do at times get angry and are unable to control our emotions. Vipasana teaches us to reach our subconscious mind and train the subconscious mind.

Vipassana teaches us the way of self liberation through self observation. It trains us to observe the subtle sensations generated in our body whenever emotions are generated  . If become aware of what kind of sensations we are creating inside our body and how the reactions are taking place inside our body then, we will be able to control them. Knowing everything at conscious level is knowledge and this knowledge needs to be converted into experience.

In chemistry, we read about so many reactions and when we conduct practicals only then we can see for real what is happening. Likewise Vipasana is considered as the practicals conducted by ourselves on our body to see what is happening inside our body. Nobody outside has the power or control of what is happening inside our body. We ourselves are responsible for everything happening to us.